Deciding what to write

There are several things vying for my attention at the moment. Most
pressing was the line edits for the Choose Your Own Adventure book for
whic I'm an associate editor. That's now essentially done - shots
fired, target down, body removed. I just need to sweep up the shell

The "12 Days - 2010" story is next, then get back to writing a few
more episodes of "Just Enough Power", then I can probably revisit my
NaNo novel draft about the Grammarian.

Three more #FridayFlash stories and I will have kept my New Year's
resolution to have perfect attendence. 52 new flash stories, in
addition to all of the specials for holidays, etc.

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  1. Good on you. You certainly keep busy. I need to do more editing on my novels, but somehow always manage to procrastinate on that front.


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