Don't bother reading this

I know you're out there. It's Sunday and it's the day after Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not.

I know you're out there, and I know you're not reading this blog post.

Oh, maybe if you get this via RSS, it came across the screen along with the other 1487 blogs you read. You have 1486 pre-written, pre-formatted and pre-scheduled blog posts that scrolled along.

Plus this one.

You're not reading this because you have better things to do than read random scribblings from me. Even if they are fresh from my fingertips, that's no guarantee of quality.

I didn't write this last week before I went on vacation, or last year, when I thought of a FANTASTIC idea for a post-Christmas blog post, but thought of it too late. I didn't write this yesterday in some sort of Christmas depression, or during a break in the festivities in some sort of Christmas exuberance.

I'm writing it now. Today. Sunday morning. I'm unshaven, unshowered and slightly hungover. I ate enough yesterday to keep two and a half villages in a positive calorie balance. This morning, as penance and in an attempt to get some fiber to offset the chocolate, pistachios and cinnamon-apple roast pork loin, my breakfast was one bowl of Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares(TM).

The box would have tasted better, but it would have had less fiber.

No, I'm writing this now, today. I'm writing this because I have other writing to do today, and this is a way to prime the pump. I'm writing this in a stream of consciousness manner, zipping from Christmas to RSS to dietary fiber to recursive self-reference because that is the way I get the juices flowing, the way I uncork my creativity, the way I unleash the muse, the muse that doesn't exist outside of my own mind but whose existence is no less real for all of that.

It's not about a muse. It's about me. It's always all about me. Didn't you know that? Even when it's not about me, it kinda is, at least in a small way.

In that sense, I'm the muse, not the writer.

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  1. well then muse you should leave a few droppings for me.

  2. Hope you had a great holiday, Tony. ;D And so to delay my writing, I'm not really reading your post. *LOL* Have a great New Year. BTW -- had to watch the kitty-kills-printer clip again (which is really me at the office most days). Wishing you a fruitful writing session.

  3. Oh, there's a news alert: "It's about me. It's always all about me. Didn't you know that? Even when it's not about me, it kinda is, at least in a small way."

    Isn't that what it's always about? Us? Thanks for killing a few more minutes as the Ravens intercept McCoy once again. Sigh. Waiting for hockey tonight.

  4. I hope you had a good writing day today after 'priming the pump.' Recover well and fortify yourself for the new year. :)

  5. Thanks for reading, guys. The days around Christmas all blur together, and very little writing gets done. Complete break time for me.

    Happy New Year 2011!


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