Three Word Wednesday: drabble, lean, utter

The words for today's Three Word Wednesday are: drabble, lean, utter.

One hundred word fiction's called "drabble"
A form in which I don't dabble,
Lean writing's a scream,
But that's too extreme,
I'd utter naught more than pure babble.

Heh, that's not bad, is it?

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  1. 'Lean' does indeed reign supreme! Jae;)

  2. not bad at all. I don't dabble in drabble, either.

  3. Yep, not bad at all. I love micro fiction. It's fun trying to tell a story in so few words.

  4. It isn't bad. Rather interesting in fact. I'd never heard of drabble before.

  5. LOL! Tony, your sense of humor always leaves me smiling.

  6. Thanks, everyone. I think I tried a drabble once, and other stories that used a specific word number (exactly 1000, exactly 250, etc.). Not really to my liking.

  7. Great! And I learned something new. :)


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