Three Word Wednesday: judge, nightfall, safety

The words for today's Three Word Wednesday are judge, nightfall, safety.


The Judge said, "Hang the man high!"
Tomorrow at noon's when I'll die
But come nightfall he'll see
What rage lives in me
No safety on land, sea or sky


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  1. I would love to see what happens at nightfall and if he really does avoid the's amazing how you are able to tell a story in so few words..Jae

  2. A lovely "lofty" limerick!! I hand it high!!

    The judgement on this one is that it will remain in my memory for a long while :D

    Good one as always!!

  3. Sometimes a word's worth a thousand pictures? Nicely done.

    Double Duty

  4. Wow! Strong. Decisive! The rage shows greatly

  5. Cleverly done! A drama in a few words.

  6. Vengeful sort, aintcha? :) Good poem; you created a lot with very few words.


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