Three Word Wednesday: demise, effort, revival

Good lord, today's Three Word Wednesday is practically the story arc of my 2010 NaNoWriMo experience. The words are: demise, effort, revival

It was on the ropes, that's for sure,
But demise of my book? Premature!
My effort so vast
Of writing real fast
That revival was joy, clear and pure!

The 7,000+ words I wrote yesterday to push my NaNo over the finish line for a win? That was a personal record for single day writing, and the ~12K for the Sunday-Monday-Tuesday was also a personal 3-day best.


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  1. Yay! well done on getting to the finish line..i am glad of the joy 'clear and pure'..Jae

  2. Beautiful.. book will live on..God bless!

  3. Goodness gracious me!! and a Yaaay for that effort and record!!

  4. Nicely done, combining the NaNo thoughts (congrats from a fellow 'winner') and 3WW....

    Well done, and I love the title of your novel. heh!

  5. congrats on the finish. I know that last few days were tough, but you've got a work in place.

  6. Hey, congrats on the finish. Now that you mention it, the journey through every book a write follows that arc.

  7. Congrats! Liked the poem too!

  8. Thanks, everyone! 7K in a single day was really ridiculous, but it got the job done.

  9. Congratulations Tony...
    This is a beautiful limerick :)


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