N is for Negroni


I'm telling you, the Negroni is NOT something you will like. Why? I'll tell you why: it has Campari in it.

I made the mistake of buying a bottle of Campari years ago. Swayed by sexy ads like this one, I decided to try a drink I'd heard of but never had: Campari and soda.


Lick the underside of a car battery from a 2004 Honda CRV. That's what Campari tastes like. There isn't enough soda water in all the universe to disguise that horrifically bitter taste.

Still, I persevered. Lots of people drink Campari, I thought. It's a sexy, hip, liqueur, I thought. Surely there must be some way to use it in a drink that would be palatable, I thought. Besides, having sunk the cost of the bottle, I wanted to get some return on the investment.

Gentle reader, I tried everything. Sweet, dry, strong, mild, dark, light, complex, simple, cold, warm, and everything in between.

The last drink I tried was a Negroni: one part each of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari.

Conclusion: the Negroni is a complete waste of gin and sweet vermouth.

Let me say again, DO NOT MAKE THIS DRINK.

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  1. Ug, now I'm REALLY glad I don't drink! :D

    1. Have one of these and it'll cement that commitment for the rest of your life!

  2. well... you made a mistake starting with pure campari or campari soda and then negroni... You had to start to explore campari with making spritz. campari has specific taste that is not always suitable for more conventional understanding so you should start to know it with something lighter than negroni... I needed 2 months in italy to fall in love with this cocktail. So far it is one of my favorites. I could hardly find any better cocktail than negroni that would have such an intense mixture of flavors... and its strong <3 so is my love for it;)

  3. btw, thanks for this blog ;) I truly found some inspiration for my upcoming weekend drinks. cheers from Lithuania!


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