G is for Gimlet

Like most cocktails, your mixlogist can adjust your gimlet to suit your taste. A clean, light gin like Gordon's will give you a light finish on the palate. A more aggressive gin like Bluecoat will give a bit more bite with each sip.

You can use straight lime juice to go with the simple syrup, but I prefer sweetened lime juice, using less of the simple syrup and only to balance out the mouth-feel.

I also stir my gimlets, rather than shaking them. Shaking makes for a better looking drink, but one that doesn't taste as good. Aside from overly twee concerns about bruising the gin, the stirring causes less aeration than shaking does. Less aeration means fewer bubbles, and fewer bubbles means less of the gin's essential flavor components lost to the air instead of warmed and released on your tongue.

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  1. So, is "gimlet-eyed" describing one's condition after consuming an unrecommended number of these?


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