R is for Rum and Coke

I've been pretty scrupulous to avoid easy drinks for this A to Z cocktail catalog. It's just too easy to slap "... and Coke" onto any kind of booze and call it a cocktail.

The Rum and Coke, however, stands alone. It's a classic, just as simple as a martini, just as complex as a new love affair.

There are those purists who will immediately shout out for the Cuba Libre, made with the old style, cane-sugar cola and a splash of fresh lime. Other partisans will no doubt wave high the banners of RC Cola, Guaranito or some other favored cola brand. The champions of dark rum will rail against the champions of light rum, and the blenders will stand on the sidelines, brickbats at the ready.

Apostates of Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi and the like will wave their freak flags high in the face of near-universal scorn, while the Dr. Pepper, IBC Root Beer, and (God have mercy on our souls) Mountain Dew fans burn together in a hell of their own making.

Rum and Coke... was there ever a better combination to enjoy on a summer evening?

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  1. Which explains the opprobrium when I admitted to using Diet Coke once.

    1. I find that Coke Zero is much more palatable than Diet Coke. It doesn't taste as good as Coke in a R&C, but it'll do.

  2. You have a problem with us Mountain Dew fans? Or those who try to mix rum and Mt Dew (if it's that then EW, what are they thinking? You get the cherry flavored Doctor I'm-too-lazy-to-look-up-name-whatever booze and mix Mt Dew with that and have an adult Code Red. =D)

    1. Not with Mt Dew fans, but I draw the line at a Rum-and-Mt Dew. YUCK.


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