X is for X on the Beach

I seem to recall hearing about something called a Xanadu Cocktail, but since 1) I've never had one, and 2) it sounds disgusting, I'll write about Sex on the Beach instead. I realize it's cheating to put this one up for "X", but it's my blog.

Sex on the Beach is a drink much like the Harvey Wallbanger in one way (deliberately goofy, titillating name), but very unlike the Harvey Wallbanger in another: people still drink Sex on the Beaches, long after it was first introduced.

(Sex on the Beaches? Sexes on the Beach? Sexes on the Beaches? Or is the plural an eponymous Sex on the Beach? Must research this.)

Anyway, it's the kind of drink that has so many variations, and is served in so many different overpriced touristy contexts, that it's hard to say with certainty what this drink would taste like. I've had a few, but they were always made with cocoanut rum. They were also overly iced, sickly sweet and far too weak for my taste.

The Wikipedia page gives a few details on official recipes:

General types

There are two general types of the cocktail:
The drink is built over ice in a highball glass and garnished with orange slice.[2] Sometimes they are mixed in smaller amounts and served as a shooter.

Given my experiences with peach schnapps, I don't think I'll be trying the IBA recipe any time soon.

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  1. I understand your aversion to Xanadu. It brings to mind that cheesy 70s movie involving Olivia Newton John and roller skates. ;-)


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