Y is for Yellow Bird

The letter Y is a tough one to draw a cocktail for. There's Yellow Chartreuse, a milder, honey-flavored version of Chartreuse, an aromatic liqueur. I'm sure there have been novelty cocktails named Yellow Submarine, Yellow Snow, Yellow Fever, etc., but I'd rather go with something less obvious.

Therefore, I present to you the Yellow Bird, which has an official IBA recipe: 2 parts white rum, one part triple sec, one part lime juice, one part Galliano. Shake and strain into a cold cocktail glass.

I think the Galliano is overkill, since it doesn't make it particularly yellow, but whatever.

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  1. Well, at least it's an official one! I wonder what would go into a Yellow Submarine—I'm going to try guessing here. Tequila, half a lemon, Galliano, and… four beetles. :-P (Or you could go the other way and make a Blue Meanie with curaçao?)

    1. Ha! Blue Meanie - I love it! I had a Blue Hawaiian once. Lots of rum and blue curaçao. Festive looking, but not very tasty.


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