M is for Manhattan

I'll be honest, dear reader. I came really close to writing about martinis instead of Manhattans for "M". I like a Manhattan every now and then, but they always seem to be overdone. Too many ingredients, too fussy, too much opportunity to get them wrong.

The wrong kind of whiskey, wrong brand of vermouth (or dry instead of sweet), too many cherries, orange slice isn't ripe enough (all color, no flavor), three dashes of bitters instead of two...

I'm all for individual preference, and drinking what you like, but I've never really gotten a Manhattan at a bar that I liked. They were always not quite right. That's why I make them at home when I have them. Even then, even when I get the drink exactly right, the Manhattan is almost more trouble than it's worth.


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  1. I had no idea they were so fussy.

    1. They can be. Or maybe it's just the people who drink them....



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