S is for Sangria

What is Sangria doing on a list of cocktails? Isn't the primary ingredient red wine?

Yes, but all the best Sangria has a solid mass of brandy in the punchbowl. When made properly, it's so delicious, I'll stretch a point.

Slice a few oranges, apples and peaches into a punchbowl. If you have one, crush up a pomegranate, too. Pour in a few bottles of a robust red, a Beaujolais nouveau, one of the vin ordinaire that goes so well with bread, cheese, and an attractive member of your preferred sex. Four bottles should do it. Or half a case, maybe.

Add half a bottle of brandy. Again, don't try to impress anyone with the cask reserve stuff. Make it a drinkable label, but don't go to any dark corners of the cellar to get it.

Let the bowl sit for an hour or so before you add some ice. Chill the bowl down and serve by the pitcher.

And leave the pitcher on the table, so your guests can help themselves throughout the evening. Light some candles, put on some music, enjoy your Sangria.

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  1. Is there such a thing as a non-alcoholic version of this, or would that just be fruit punch?

    1. Sangria is a fruit-flavored fortified wine. There's not enough fruit juice to make this work on its own.

      A nice fruit punch recipe is to replace the wine and brandy with lemon-line soda. It doesn't taste anything at all like sangria, but it's a non-alcoholic option.


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