P is for Planter's Punch

This is one of those very loose recipes that really depends on your taste and how active you plan to be for the rest of afternoon after you start drinking these. Perfect for a barbecue, a garden party, a croquet tournament, whatever.

Basically, you get a pitcher (or for a larger party, a punch bowl). Slosh in a lot of dark rum (for a party, pour in the whole bottle. Or two bottles. Again, whatever. Don't overthink this.) Add some fruit juices - plenty of orange juice, some lemon juice, some pineapple juice (if you have it), maybe some apple juice. Pour in enough grenadine to pink up the mix, add a few dashed of bitters (or not, if you don't like that sort of thing).

Stir it up and ladle it into ice-filled glasses. Want to garnish with orange slices and maraschino cherries? Go ahead. Want to add some of those paper umbrellas you got from the party store? Sure! Those make any party more festive.

However, the recipe doesn't really matter. Once the supply runs low, you can just start pouring in more ingredients to bring the level back up. The ratios of rum, fruit juices and grenadine will go wonky after the second punchbowl is emptied, so the taste will go a bit wide of the mark, too.

But, hey, you'll be having too much fun on the fourth wicket to care about such niceties!

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