I is for Irish Coffee

Could there be a more welcome marriage than that of alcohol, coffee, and sugar? Creamy and sweet, awash with the richness of heavy cream that belies the double bite of Jameson's and Jamaica Blue Mountain, Irish Coffee is the fulfillment of every dream of what a situationally perfect drink could be.

Think back, my friends: how many of your pub crawls have threatened to bog down in the wee hours, purely because fatigue, intoxication, and low blood sugar cause the revelers to stay on their stools instead of dancing with the crowd? Too much convivial beer, too much obvious tequila, not enough of the finer things in life?

I'm sure you know the cure for the 2 A.M. slows as well as I do: a big platter of fried mushrooms and a round of Irish Coffees. It feeds the soul even as it fuels the body, giving wings to desire and renewing the promise of every great pub crawl: "Sunrise is in three hours - let's go!"

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