The 3 Big Secrets To An Engaging Blog

1. Provide value for your readers. Give your readers a steady stream of valuable information, useful tips,and inside secrets. That's what brought them to you in the first place, that's what will keep them coming back, and that's what will encourage them to tell their friends about your blog! Some examples of this done right: "6 Ways To Make Money Writing", "7 Easy Ways To Give You Time To Write", "12 Things Successful Assassins Do Differently"

2. Avoid self-absorption. The worst thing you can do is to make your blog all about YOU. Nobody wants to read a blog filled with introspective journal entries! Even though you are probably an interesting person, allowing your blog to devolve into a collection of posts about what's going on inside YOUR mind won't serve to engage anyone ELSE'S mind! Some examples of this done wrong: "The Worst Part of Writing a Novel", "Let's Talk About My Elbow", "Editing in the Face of Uncertainty" or pretty much any recent post at this blog.

3. You have great content... use it! Believe it or not, a huge mistake that many bloggers make is to turn their backs on their own work. Over time, you will write plenty of material for your blog, some good, some great and some that's really outstanding. Why should you let that still-relevant content languish in the past, left to the mercy of search engines? Highlight that evergreen material with fresh internal links and ENGAGE your new readers with your EXISTING content! Some examples of this done right: "Standing Desk Ergonomics: Height", "NaNoWriMo: 8 Essential Steps", "Lord V's Interrupted Tea"

Follow these 3 big secrets to an engaging blog and I can assure you that your blog will be just as successful as mine!

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