#3WW: Crumble, drawn, uneasy

Each Wednesday, I compose a limerick based on the prompt from Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: crumble, drawn, uneasy  (it's more fun if you read it aloud - try it!):

I feel courage crumble - I'm queasy.
It's no wonder that I am uneasy...
 "Come have your blood drawn."
An hour before dawn?
Her sharp teeth make her look really sleazy!

    ~~~~~ * * * ~~~~~

Um, cholesterol testing usually only needs a few ounces of blood. Why are you drawing a gallon? And why are you using your mouth instead of a needle?

Oh, wait... while the "phoney phlebotomist" thing is alliterative and an EXCELLENT promotion for some sexy vampire novel, it's not going to do much for a slim volume of my limericks, is it? How about this:

My book of limericks inspired by Three Word Wednesday is FREE to borrow from Amazon:

"They made me laugh, they made me sad, they made me think and squirm and reflect. ... Tony Noland has a way with words that is nothing short of astonishing" - Jeff Posey, Amazon review

That's right, FREE. Of course, if you're not in Amazon Prime, it still only costs $0.99. That's less than a coffee. And I'm not talking Starbuck's, I'm talking about the burnt mud they sell at the convenience store. It's worth the buck - you'll love it!

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  1. As ever a lovely limerick...oh, those teeth must be scary..


  2. Good to see the limerick alive and well. If a little bloodied by the experience.

  3. you're right in line with all the vampire hoopla these days....and don't be such a baby-they're only teeth!

  4. yikes! good one.

  5. Next time I give blood I'll look for fangs!

  6. you drew me right into the twilight zone with you...

  7. Sweet! (or maybe a bit salty.) I'd be quite uneasy myself.


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