My Top 10 blog posts for 2011

What were visitors to this blog interested in? A retrospective stats shot of the top 10 posts from 2011:

1 Great April Fool's Day #FridayFlash Blog Swap: index of stories
2 NaNoWriMo: 8 Essential Steps
3 Great April Fool's Day #FridayFlash Blog Swap: kickoff, invitation and instructions
4 Where the Hell is Tony's #FridayFlash?
5 Complex Geometry
6 Simple Geometry
7 Guest blogger Trevor Mcpherson: How to use mind mapping to write a novel and capture ideas
8 When the Room Stops Spinning
9 Again Take Up Thy Sword, Warrior King
10 A Large Slice of Fire

That's two blog swap pages, one advice post, one guest blogger advice post, and six stories. The stories break down as three horror, one fantasy allegory, one corporate drama and one goofy satire.

My sincere thanks to Trevor Mcpherson (who wrote the #7 post and who graciously provided a copy of his mindmap for you to download), to Neil Gaiman (the subject of, and commenter on, the #4 post), and to all the writers who participated in the GAFDFFBS.

Interestingly, while these are the Top Ten most popular posts written in 2011, the Top Ten most visited posts overall actually included some that were written earlier. These qualify as "perennial favorites", and they include:
That last one has a certain Zen quality which always makes me stop and think, even though I wrote it. It is instructive about the nature of internet popularity.

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