Let me give you the finger

Pretty much a zero day, writing-wise. It's now been about 30 hours after a screwgun slipped and put a high-speed Philips bit into my left index finger. It still hurts a bit (no pun intended).

Not bad, eh? This is one that I probably could have gotten stitches for, but the butterfly bandages have held it together pretty well. It only hurts to any serious degree when it gets torn open again. As I'm going to need this finger tomorrow, I'll probably superglue it closed.

Just out of curiosity, is there any interest in knowing how to make a DIY butterfly bandage out of regular surgical tape? Or, in a pinch, out of duct tape?

By the way, somebody do me a favor and draw some kind of analogy to writing. Or talk about how life experiences inform your writing. Or something like that.

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  1. Son of a bitch, that had to hurt!

    Okay, writing advice...writing advice...you could use this experience to write about a sadistic killer that uses power tools on his victims!

  2. Writing can draw blood too, only figuratively.

    But that looks PAINFUL!

  3. You could claim to use your blood as ink, then show your finger wound as proof. :P

  4. that looks painful!

    How about a story where they have somehow run out of bandages?

  5. All I can say to that is Ouch! And as far as connecting it to writing, I got nuthin' although I was thinking along the same lines as Far. I hope it feels better sooooon!

  6. That certainly looks like it feels less than stellar. Yeah, as others have pointed out, use it for future story ideas. Writing prompts can be good advice, right?

  7. I'll take the advice on DIY butterfly bandages as me and power tools have a healthy respect of each other, namely, we avoid contact unless absolutely necessary. Any information on stemming the blood flow would be helpful.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  8. @ Danni: Son of a bitch, that had to hurt! Yes. Yes it did.

    @ FARfetched: What's that old line about opening a vein and let the words come out?

    @ ganymeder: ... and then summon Satan, just for good measure!

    @ Sonia: How about a story where they have somehow run out of bandages? That would be more of a non-fiction memoir thing, but I'll give it a shot.

    @ PJ: I'm trying to spin this straw into gold, too. So far, not much.

    @ Eric: At the time of the injury, the pain was incandescent. Made my entire hand malfunction. Now it's down to jabs & throbs.

    @ Adam B: Will amend the post with the description about the butterfly bandages. Stopping the bleeding is trickier.

  9. The pain part will be a good reference, but I think the real benefit is that unlike a lot of writers, you can describe using power tools accurately. You could describe misusing them accurately too (sorry)...

    Heal up!


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