Wednesday #limerick: belief, festive, rumple

Today's limerick is prompted, as always, by the Three Word Wednesday prompt. This week: belief, festive, rumple.

It beggars belief that a bump'll
Cause gigantic linemen to crumple.
On holiday festive
A brain pan gone restive


News alert!

I'm pleased to announce that I've collected the first two year's worth of my Three Word Wednesday inspired limericks into an anthology, now available at Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps on iPhone, Android, PC, Mac and other devices:

"Poetry on the fly: Limericks inspired by Three Word Wednesday" has a foreword by Thom Gabrukiewicz, the curator and guiding light behind 3WW. This canonical slim volume of poetry can be yours for less than a buck with the click of a mouse - makes a great stocking stuffer!(1) Whether you like your limericks funny, interesting or thoughtful, this collection is for you!

(1) Assuming you have a Kindle or Kindle app in your stocking.

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  1. Congratulations on your publication, Tony!

  2. congratulations on your well earned publication

  3. Loving this limerick. I had to hunt for the prompt words - did not appear remotely forced!

  4. Is that a limerick about an offsides penalty and resulting injury? Because if so, bravo.

  5. Thanks for the great comments, everyone! Yes, John, this is about NFL injuries. if so, bravo Thanks!

  6. You kicked one right thru the goal posts, Tony...


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