Wednesday #limerick: demolish, resolution, transform

Every Wednesday, I compose a limerick based on the words from Three Word Wednesday. This week's words are: demolish, resolution, transform

The goal of my new Resolution:
To transform my soul's constitution.
The flaws I'll demolish
And facets I'll polish;
It starts with the pop of this bouchon.

These  words were fun to work with. If you'd like to read more of my limericks inspired by Three Word Wednesday, you can buy my (the one with the descriptive title): 

Poetry on the Fly: Limericks Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Only $0.99 - what a bargain!

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  1. I did not know what a bouchon was, so I googled it. Thanks for expanding my horizons. Your limerick is skillfully constructed.

  2. "It starts with the pop of this bouchon"...on New Year's Eve at that.

  3. I never thought you suffered from writers block. We are in for a great year if you unplug that stopper!

  4. Bouchon had me googling as well. Fun limerick. Great idea to make your 3WW's into a book.

  5. excellent limerick as usual. bravo on you publication of your limericks

  6. This poem takes the limerick form to an elevated level in both message and word choice. Nicely done.


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