Great April Fool's Day #FridayFlash Blog Swap - index of stories

... and here it is, for reals! The Great April Fool's Day FridayFlash Blog Swap index of stories!

Below you will find the index of all the FridayFlash authors(1) who are swapping blogs for the day. This is like cross-dressing, except that, when you get your clothes back, the elastic isn't all stretched out and nobody got makeup on your tie.

Each of the authors below worked out the details with their swap partner directly. In some cases this was easy and painless, while in other cases people now hate me. For everyone in the non-hating category, I hope you had fun! I asked the authors to post the following template text with their stories, to help people navigate through all of this.
!sdrawkcab ... hsalFyadirF s'tI
April Fools! The story you just read appears here on my blog as a part of the Great April Fool's Day FridayFlash Blog Swap, organized by Tony Noland. You can find my story for today at SWAP PARTNER's website, To read all the dozens of stories swapping around as a part of the GAFDFFBS, check out the GAFDFFBS index over at Tony's blog Landless. For hundreds of thousands of words of fantastic flash fiction stories, check out the FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter. It happens every Friday!
(1): Not all of them, actually. I'm saving two author's stories for a special Earth Day edition of the Blog Swap.

Read and enjoy!

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The writing promptsWriter #1Writer #2
An ugly painting in an expensive frame.Read @4ndyman's story "Ugly Painting, Expensive Frame" at @TonyNoland's blogRead @TonyNoland's story "Looking Down"at @4ndyman's blog
Wilted flowers.Read @drwasy's story "Divine Wind"at @danpowfiction's blogRead @danpowfiction's story "A Delicate Flower"at @drwasy's blog
A new box of business cards.Read @Matthiasville's story "Berence Trett's Business Cardsat @AnneMhairi's blogRead @AnneMhairi's story "A New Box of Business Cards"at @Matthiasville's blog
Sunshine through dirty glass.Read @ibc4's story "Sunshine Through Dirty Glass"at @BaldChiGuy's blogRead @BaldChiGuy's story "April Fools"at @ibc4's blog
Three free tickets to a movie.Read @JTimothyKing's story "The Friendship Dress" at @Dannigrrl5's blogRead @Dannigrrl5's story "Substitue" at @JTimothyKing's blog
A jacket that's wrong for the weather.Read @storylaura's story at @Ryan_Underhill's blogRead @Ryan_Underhill's story "Soul Catcher"at @storylaura's blog
Put that down!Read @marirandomities's story "Fire!"at @FARfetched58's blogRead @FARfetched58's story "Put That Down!"at @marirandomities's blog
Lipstick that makes a woman look bad.Read @ericjkrause's story "Zombie Gloss" at @EmApocalyptic's blogRead @EmApocalyptic's story "Made Up"at @ericjkrause's blog
A dog with three legs.Read @ChuckAllen's story "Missing Jordan"at @ravencorinn's blogRead @ravencorinn's story "Die Toten Dorf"at @ChuckAllen's blog
Half a loaf of stale bread.Read @ganymeder's story "Bread"at @tec4_cleveland's blogRead @tec4_cleveland's story "All the King's Horses" at @ganymeder's blog
A label in a language you can't read.Read @iamcheckedout's story "Worm in the Bottle"at @am_harte's blogRead @am_harte's story "Dead Meat"at @iamcheckedout's blog
Someone else's cell phone.Read @Cunobaros's story "Monitor, mon amor"at @OnUrge's blogRead @OnUrge's story "Big Ben's Downfall" at @Cunobaros's blog
A remix of a favorite song.Read @yamnasus's story "Week-Hen-d Fun" at @jimbronyaur's blogRead @jimbronyaur's story "Fun Girls"at @yamnasus's blog
What is that smell?Read @jmstro's story "Brown Bag"at @RBlackbirdsong's blogRead @RBlackbirdsong's story "Hell's Candy"at @jmstro's blog
Shiny black shoes.Read @lil_monmon's story "Dress for Success" at @TonyNoland's blogRead @TonyNoland's story "King Nosmo the Intrusive" at @lil_monmon's blog

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  1. The stories I've read through so far are great; thank you Tony so much for organising this!

  2. This was a wonderful idea, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of the stories.

    Congratulations to everyone involved.

  3. Thanks, guys! Everyone has been great!

  4. This is a great idea! Do you do it every year?


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