Great April Fool's Day #FridayFlash Blog Swap - the Author's Template

For all of you authors who are participating in the Great April Fool's Day FridayFlash Blog Swap and would like some sweet, juicy template to facilitate your swapping, here you go. Just add this text to the bottom of your swap partner's story along with the image below, adding in the appropriate links and swap partner names. Enjoy!

!sdrawkcab ... hsalFyadirF s'tI
April Fools! The story you just read appears here on my blog as a part of the Great April Fool's Day FridayFlash Blog Swap, organized by Tony Noland. You can find my story for today at SWAP PARTNER's website, To read all the dozens of stories swapping around as a part of the GAFDFFBS, check out the GAFDFFBS index over at Tony's blog Landless. For hundreds of thousands of words of fantastic flash fiction stories, check out the FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter. It happens every Friday!

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  1. Is it okay if we swap out "hashtag" for "hastag"? Just sayin' ... :D

  2. Great template! Just one problem: I tried to check out and it doesn't seem to exist. Am I doing something wrong? :oD

  3. You can put the check mark next to my name — we're good to go!


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