Wave propagation

From NOAA comes this video of the March 11 tsunami, a visualization of the wave's propagation that is astonishing when you consider that this is a video of HALF A PLANET. Incredible.

In the comments, you can insert your own literary metaphor interpretation of this.

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  1. I didn't realize how much the kid was watching all the news until she came into my room with her eyes wide and her hand over her mouth and she sat down next to me saying how she just saw another tsunami wave washing people away. She didn't have the words to express everything she was feeling so we just sat together for a while, then talked about a few things. She felt better and went off to do teenager stuff. I went to the Gma and told her to cut out the constant CNN. It's hard enough for an adult to try to process all this, much less a 13 y/o. Heck, I don't even know how to imagine this picture of half our planet, affected in such a significant way. Nature knows no borders.


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