Novel excerpt: Goodbye Grammarian

Editing my WIP and came across this nugget. It made me laugh, so I think I'll keep it.


The Grammarian prepared to trip Professor Verbosity up with a double entendre when from the sky came an unwelcome sound.

The Avant Guardian cried out, "Stop right there, Professor Verbosity!" and, in a wash of plasma exhaust, landed in between the two combatants. "You're facing impossible odds, and you know it! Give up! Or Else!" He posed with his fists on hips, looking terribly heroic while also managing to completely block the Grammarian's aim.

"Get out of the way!" shouted the Grammarian. Uncharacteristically, Professor Verbosity said nothing, just pulled the trigger on the weapon. The Avant Guardian, who had apparently not understood the significance of a massive, high-tech, shoulder mounted weapon in the hands of an angry supervillain, was caught completely off-guard. The parsing beam sliced across him, giving him the full force of the attack while shielding the Grammarian. The Avant Guardian's armor absorbed and refracted most of the beam's energy, but he was blown backwards by the reaction. Worse, the sudden and intense demand for memetic energy to power his defenses left the Avant Guardian lying on the ground, stunned and momentarily helpless.


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