From Gilgamesh to Galactica - a historical map of science fiction

 This is pretty awesome. Original link.

If ever there were an image to click, enlarge and study, this one is it.

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  1. Oh, wow! This is awesome. I especially love the "Fear and Wonder" down by the tail. Long live speculative fiction!

  2. You'll be shocked, SHOCKED, to know that I have an opinion about SciFi and Fantasy in relation to other literature. I think it might be time to post that to my blog. If I run out of time today, I'll reply here with the thumbnail scetch version...

  3. There's a surprising amount of not-SciFi on that SciFi history chart. Neat.

  4. I absolutely love the detail of this illustration, Tony. It looks like a living and breathing creature with the genres coursing through its bizarre intestinal-looking body. Funny how ALICE IN WONDERLAND grows like a boil off its back.

  5. This is amazing. Did you create this, Tony?

  6. @K.M. Weiland: It's fantastic, isn't it?

    @D. Paul: They draw from the same headwaters, but diverge in important respects.

    @John: The links run deep, don't they?

    @Ezzy: I love the way you can wander this image and find old stories you read decades ago.

    @Jacqui: I agree completely that it's amazing. I would LOVE to be able to say that I had created it, or had the skill and/or knowledge necessary to have done so. Alas, this was something I came across out there in the wide world.


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