Voting is open, so vote for me

Voting is now open over at the Editor Unleashed "Why I Write" contest. My entry is right here. Be a pal and go give it five stars, won't you?

The voting will last for a month, after which time the winner will get promotion via EU and Smashwords, top billing in an anthology and $500. Forty-nine runners-up will fill out the book.

The recognition would be nice, and the $500 would be nice, too.

Really, though, I entered as a lark, and wrote something that is erudite and insightful while simultaneously clever and funny.

Or at least I think so. Of course, I thought that about my campaign platform for class president in my senior year of high school. I understood and respected the significance and traditions involved, but I really thought that everyone needed to lighten up about it.

In the end, I got the ten signatures necessary to get on the ballot. In the actual voting, I got three votes - mine, and my two mates who got the joke.

What's the difference here, you ask?

The difference is, that was before the Internet was available for civilian use. Now I have a blog, with all of the immense, world-spanning power and influence that comes with it.

Cheers, everyone, and don't forget... vote for me!

UPDATE: Out of curiosity, does it make me a jerk that I didn't just ask you to go vote, but to vote it UP? Feel free to leave anonymous comments.

UPDATE #2: Sigh. I see that my essay sank from "Average" to "Bad". With luck, I will stay above "Terrible", but I'm not going to bet anything on that. The math indicates that a solid coterie of voters were quick to vote it down. Automatic (but probably incorrect) conclusion: I suck, and I was a fool to think I could be a writer. Secondary (and probably closer to accurate) conclusion: You can't win 'em all.

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