Creative writer = Winner = Music

When Meg got an appointment letter for a new job, the salary listed was £60,000 too high. Naturally, she will be taking the moral course of action and pointing out the error so it can be corrected.

Still, this is the kind of thing that prompts speculation, does it not? I took it as a story prompt and offered this, my winning suggestion:
Winner: @TonyNoland Contact the accounting dept, tell them the salary figure in the appointment letter is 40K too high. Ask for a new letter
Tony, you sly dog!

The prize for presenting the most creative solution could have been anything from some proof-reading, organizing a convention, being sung to, getting a nifty spreadsheet with complex formulae or getting some band recommendations.

I opted for the bands. Meg gave me a collection of great recommendations, some of which I was familiar with, others of which were new to me. (I was very glad to see that her tastes run to great vocal work.)

Fortune shared is fortune doubled, so without further discussion, I present the recommendations:

TG Collective. Meg described them as guitar empresarios. They describe themselves on Twitter as "Django-fried flamenco, jazz-ish contemporary classical monkeys; fond of cake"

TG Collective, somewhere in a village in Devon! from Stoney Lane on Vimeo.

Bowjangles - "combine fiery musicianship with energetic dance moves, vaudeville comedy and four part harmony singing in a dazzling stage show which will leave you spellbound."

Straight No Chaser (I'd seen this one before, loved it)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (no intro needed, I think)


Dar Williams:

Imogen Heap: (amazing vocals here)

Thanks for the tips, Meg!

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