This looks like a job for WriterGeek!

... and now, for a bit of a departure from writing, fiction and related matters. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

Do you cook? Cook well enough to require good tools? Then you know the frustration of trying to keep both of your professional quality, high-carbon steel 8-inch chef's knives ready for use at a moment's notice ...

when conventional knife blocks only have one large slot.

Do you keep one of them in a drawer, where the edge can get nicked? Hell, no!

This looks like a job for...


As you know, every geek has a couple of dead hard drives lying around. S/he doesn't throw these away because geeks never throw anything away!

Pull the drive apart and get the lower fixed read-head drive magnet.

Affix this to the top of the knife block.

The second chef's knife will grip hard against the powerful neodymium magnet. If you have more knives, the sides present more space for more magnets.

Problem solved, thanks to WriterGeek!TM

(Note that WriterGeek!TM always attaches the knife to the magnet with the blade facing AWAY from the user. Safety first, kids!)


  1. Love it! I actually hang all my good knives from a bar magnet attached to my wall. But I got me a lot of hard drives hanging around (I collect computers the way most women collect purses).

    Feeling better? Peace, Linda

  2. I am feeling better, thanks! This post was a direct result of the fact that I haven't left the house in 11 days, and am going a bit stir-crazy. As if taking pictures of my kitchen wasn't evidence enough!

  3. I really impressive with your idea. The second chef's knife will grip hard against the powerful neodymium magnet. I also planning to attach in my kitchen. betting on sports


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