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Ultra Bit of Sweetness #1: The 2010 edition of the Chinese Whisperings fiction anthology is underway. Rather, I should say editions, plural, as there will be two mated anthologies written by two teams of authors: one set of remarkably talented women (the Yin), and one set of equally amazing men (the Yang). I am honored to be among the writers contributing.

Take a look to learn about the anthologies and the editors, Jodi Cleghorn and Paul Anderson. Also, the links at the bottom let you get some background on the writers, many of whom will be familiar to you. As for my own biography page, if you ever wanted to know more about me - where I'm from, why I write the way I do, what I want to achieve as a writer, what I love about my favorite book - stop by the author page over at the Chinese Whisperings website.

The Red Book is on sale now; the Yin and Yang books will be on sale later this year.

Ultra Bit of Sweetness #2: In celebration of Valentine's Day, has collected some love poems, written to celebrate punctuation marks - the exclamation point, the comma, and (my personal favorite) the semicolon. They were written by (respectively) Edward Truitt, Stacey Harwood, and yours truly, Tony Noland.

These poems were all winners in the National Punctuation Day 2009 contest hosted by Grammar Girl, and first appeared in her newsletter.

I'm really please to see the semicolon getting some love. Poor guy - I think that people stopped taking the semicolon seriously when smilies became commonplace. Who can take a punctuation mark seriously when it makes your sentences look like they're winking at the reader? Such a pity; the semicolon is the hallmark of complex thought and rich language.

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