Snowpocalypse 2010

As of 1:00 pm EST, we've gotten ~16" in the NW Philadelphia suburbs. As long as the hot cocoa holds out, I'll be OK.

A few snapshots of Snowpocalypse 2010 (click on them to enlarge):

Snow on the air conditioner unit (ironic, no?)

My dog, Daisy, in a sheltered part of the yard.

What Daisy was looking at.

The gas & power company trucks parked in front of my house. If they shut off gas or power, I freeze to death. It was nice knowing all of you.


  1. Tony? Speak to me Tony! Sending over a virtual heater...

  2. I think that was Tony underneath the dog...

  3. I had to put on my jacket just looking at these pictures.

  4. Great pics, Tony.

    We've got 26 INCHES!!!!!!!!!! But the snowfall's about stopped.

    BUT more's coming later this week. Off to shovel... then drink... hang tight! Peace, Linda

  5. Linda, wow! 26"... that's ridiculous!

  6. Stay safe and warm! And enjoy the snow.

  7. It's pretty awesome, isn't it? Love your pictures.
    I don't suppose we have to worn you not to go out and shovel, right?:-)
    Midwest expecting about 2 ft. between Monday night and Wednesday morning.
    Stay comfy and warm!

  8. We are dealing with the same thing - Every weekend we get a dump of snow like this. It must be the global warming problems!

    Stay warm and have a whiskey!

  9. So much snow is problem of global worming. But it is very enjoyable moment, Winter is my favourite session.
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