Vacation vs. recreation

Being on vacation doesn't mean my brain stops running, despite my best efforts. I don't have that sort of brain. It's simpler to divert it into other channels, such as a mildly meta consideration of what I'm doing.

A vacation is, literally, the act of vacating. To vacate means to leave, to abandon, to leave uninhabited.

Recreation, on the other hand, means "to recreate". Literally to re-create, to take what was there before and take it apart to create it all over again, to create it anew.

On my vacation, I am pursuing recreation. Aside from some things that are nice and fun and simply enjoyable, I'm also pursuing some things that will allow me to re-create my approach to the way I do things. Hopefully this will be the sort of vacation from which I will come back a new man.

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  1. That's the whole point, right? Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way. But just being able to relax, or seeing a family member unwind a little, is often enough of a reward.


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