Cover reveal: "Verbosity's Vengeance"

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the cover:

The nefarious Professor Verbosity threatens Lexicon City with a mysterious new superweapon and only the Grammarian can stop him… just as soon as he hires a decent sidekick. Mix in the interference of the Avant Guardian (a goofy superhero wanna-be), a vicious stranger who strikes from the shadows, and a beautiful, brainy college professor with a thing for superhero technology, and the Grammarian has his work cut out for him. A hero unlike any other, the Grammarian uses the strength of supple syntax and the power of perfect punctuation to fight for justice on the mean streets of Lexicon City.

A mix of science fiction and humorous wordplay, "Verbosity's Vengeance" will thrill and delight everyone who loves semicolons as well as superheroes.

"Verbosity's Vengeance" will be available on Amazon on Monday, September 16, 2013. Approximately 289 pages, it will retail at $2.99. It's Batman meets WordGirl meets Thursday Next.

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