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Tomorrow marks the 200th week in a row that I will have posted a story for #FridayFlash. In honor of that event, I'm giving away a free copy of my flash fiction anthology, "Blood Picnic and other stories", a free copy of my forthcoming book, "Verbosity's Vengeance", and a 2014 Audi A5. All you have to do is leave a comment below. I'll randomly pick a winner from all comments submitted.

Note: I'm kidding about the Audi.

This is a lot of words under the bridge since my first #FridayFlash, "Nearer Comes The Moon". Some have been good, some have been experimental, some have been inaccessibly weird. Regardless, here are the titles of the 199 stories to date, presented in order as they appeared here on Landless over the last 200 weeks. See if you can spot any old favorites.
Nearer Comes The Moon
Third Shift At McSweeny's
The Death Of Lee Harvey Oswald
A Level-Headed Man
Five Hundred Francs
Not My Intention
Back Of The Class
The Killing Song
Racist Bastard
Comes The Witching Hour
The Way Of All Flesh
Time's Arrow
Phil's Christmas Present
I Weep Not For Thee
Truly, Deeply, Endlessly
Pot Of Gold
Space Opera, In The Face Of An Alien Invasion
Philly's In The House
The Green Fields Of Home
Ridi, Pagliaccio
Nom De Plume
Truth Lies Beneath
Parole Board
Another Glass Of Chardonnay
A Bucket Of Rocks
The Endless War
Fear And Loathing
The Girl At The Window
Mother's Day
Grow, Garden, Grow
White Paper
Warm Hands, Cold Beer
One Percent Inspiration
Bones Don't Burn
Friday Flash, Flash, Flash
Romeo And Juliet Are Dead
Megalo-Man Vs. Dr. Tarantula
The Aftermath Of The Boxer Rebellion
Grey Ghost Gone
Coffee Break
The Livin' Is Easy
Leeds Darts Champion Of 1977
Long Story
The Chosen One
Sunshine Came Softly
Shirts And Skins
Straight And True, My Arrow, Fly
Roll Call
A Double Month Of Dust In Whiskey Gulch
Verbosity's Vengeance
Spikes High
Three Cold Cokes
Ayers Rock, By God
Chestnut Hollow
Island Of Stability
I'm Telling You Why
This Little Light Of Mine
A Fire In The Palm Of My Hand
A Large Slice Of Fire
Old Stones
Where The Hell Is Tony's Fridayflash?
Simple Geometry
Complex Geometry
We Will Be Happy
Brazilian Whacks
The Herringbone Meteorite
The One Thing You Need To Be Happy
Wish Me A Wish
When The Room Stops Spinning
King Nosmo The Intrusive
Looking Down
Yellow And White
Death Of The Horrible
Now Hiring: Canine Farming Technician
Romance... With Lasers
Hi My Name Is Candice
Candice On The Couch
Again Take Up Thy Sword, Warrior King
A Common Purpose
A Long Visit To Sunny, Scenic Tel Aviv
Sister Ophelia
The Science Of Faith
The Knife
In The Right Light
Sunlight On The Plaza Below
Scaling Cadillac Mountain
Good Question
Who Sent You?
God's Holy Fire
Babbling Brooke
The Test
So Goes The Turing Test
Volume 3: The Bites Of Love
The Curious Case Of The Chronofundibular Emancipation Engine
Pumpkin Brains, Forever
Possible Hims For Origin
Chopin Beneath A Starry Sky
Truth, Justice And Natural Philosophy
The Last Friday Night
Is This Tony Noland?
Travelling In The Darkness
The Diamond Anvil
The Unexpected Guests
Albert Einstein Gets A Cavity
All That Glistens Is Not Garbage
The Gift Of Love, Eventually
Just Because
Alone In The Woods
Ten Million Robots, One Heart
The Failure Of A Mechanical Heart
Cheap Chocolate, All You Can Eat
Ringtone, Ringtone
Dinosaurs In The Duckpond
British Columbia Must Burn
Plea Bargain, Part 1
Plea Bargain, Part 2
Plea Bargain, Part 3
Plea Bargain, Part 4
A Latte, A Biscotti, And A Miracle
The Sound Of Daffodils
Death Of The Cowboy
Beautiful Creature
The Way It's Done
Searching For Love
The Emperor's New Clothes
Broad Horizons
Lord V's Interrupted Tea
Canon In D
A Hero By Any Other Name
The Sounds Of The Material World
The Grammarian Vs. Txtspk
At Last, We Meet
The Statefair Letters
Death Centered
A Friend In Need
Lightning Fast
The Battle Of Cygnus V
The Grammarian Vs. Laser Suit Larry
DADT Is Alive And Well
The Old Man In The Corner
Three Days
I Found A Dead Alien Buried In The Sands Of Mars
Dust Devils
Pity For The Trapped Man
Precise Magic
For Want Of A Clown...
The Diggings
A Fool Like Thee
Diplomatic Mission
The Last Page
Caution: Genius At Work
Every Christmas
Close Range
Land, Ho
Elegy On A Biospy Needle
Play For Me, Slave
The Only Clinic In South Dakota
A Little Peace And Quiet
The Monster
A Day For Connecting The Dots
The Bloom Of New Roses
Robot Money
What More?
Night Driving, Alone
Flash Flash Fiction
Protection From The Elements
Exotic Wood
On Bended Knee
Quickly, Staunch The Wound
Living Stones, Living Wood
No Fit Food
Hell No, GMO!
Into Darkness
The Revenge Engine
The Holy Bones Of Cenotani
Burn The Salted Metals
A Child For The Marquisa
Almost Done
Unpaid Furloughs At The Tsa
High Places
The Desire To Understand
Megamediators Inc.
Chasing The Water
The Planet That God Built


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  1. Leeds Darts Champion! I remember that. And the one with the inexpressibly aweful rainmaker in the little western town ...

    1. A Double Month of Dust in Whiskey Gulch. Yep, that was a fun one.


  2. Extraordinary run, Tony. Very well done.


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