Who monitors the monitors?

I had some computer trouble this morning. It took me forever to diagnose it, because the system was completely dead, but still making noises. I finally realized that the computer itself is fine, but one of the monitors died. That zorched the video so neither monitor was active. When I unplugged the bad one from the video card output, the system wasn't two-headed anymore, so the other monitor sprang to normal life.

As it happens, the monitor that died is a Samsung, the same brand as the last monitor that died on me. I know how to fix a bad LCD monitor, since I did it before. See "How to repair a dead monitor", by yours truly. That model was a Samsung 906bw, while this is a 245bw, but I don't anticipate it being that much different.

The only question is when I'm going to be able to get at this stupid thing. I'll have to order the capacitor kit, take this monitor apart, de-mount the mainboard, de-solder all the old capacitors, install the new capacitors and reassemble. Repair is ~$25 + my time. Replacement is ~$300.

Guess which one I'm going to do?

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  1. Heh, hope it's the same issue, anyway. "No user serviceable parts inside" my arse. :-P


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