"Write Anything" in the Top 100

I'm happy to pass along the news that Write Anything, the collaborative writing blog that I contribute to, has been listed as one of the Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs by www.bestcollegesonline.com.

The "General" category is described this way: These reads cover a broad range of subjects concerning both novice and old-timer authors alike, making them particularly well-rounded starts to exploring the writerly corner of the blogosphere. Write Anything took the #2 slot in this list.

The team of bloggers over at Write Anything is a talented and insightful bunch. It's well worth putting in your regular rotations of blogs or adding to your RSS feed. If you like to read my posts at Write Anything, you can just click here.

Congratulations to Jodi Cleghorn, Paul Anderson and the entire team at eMergent and Write Anything!

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  1. very cool! it's great that you've all been recognized for your hard work and talent :-)


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