Coming to THE END


With this morning's edits, I have finished the pre-beta draft of "Goodbye Grammarian". All the plot holes are filled, the backstory is either spelled out or alluded to adequately, the Grammarian quested, suffered and prevailed. The exciting parts are exciting, the funny parts are funny, and the boring parts are gone.

Final stats: 22 chapters and 111,717 words.

The word count includes such phrases as "Chapter 13" as well as a bit of text like acknowledgments, expressions of gratitude to my beta readers and so on. I haven't written all that stuff yet.

I originally wanted this book to be ~90K, but have allowed the wordcount to drift upward. I expect that after beta, I'll be able to trim and rework. 111K isn't bad for a science fiction superhero book; that's well in line with industry norms.

This book isn't finished, not by a long measure, but I feel like I've successfully made the Olympic team. Once I make it through the prelim qualifying round, I'll be able to take it out into the marketplace and REALLY see how it can run.

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  1. Congratulations Tony! This is fantastic and huge!

  2. Yea! Congratulations, Tony.

    You've earned that place on the Olympic team.

  3. Awesome, Tony... glad you didn't give up or give in. Continued success to you and the Grammarian! :)

  4. Of course the whole project isn't finished, but this phase is. That's totally worth celebrating, though I'm sorry you don't have your own bed for that part of the festivities. Congratulations, Tony!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! This is an important milestone for this book - call it the end of the beginning. A good place to be!


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