Red ink is your friend

I'm in the last 10K of revisions to "Goodbye Grammarian" (which I now
realize has to be just a working title). The section I'm chewing
through at the moment is taking a lot of rewriting. All the markup and
revisions I wrote on my editing hardcopy of the last draft were
perfectly transferrable for earlier sections of the book, but not for
this stuff at the end. These pages were covered in red ink, with huge
swaths of text struck through and marked "FIX THIS".

All that red ink denotes opportunities to write better; that makes red
ink my friend. I knew this part would take more time, but I'm eager to
see this draft finished.

Fortunately, though this is tricky stuff to wrote, I'm bringing out
the tone I want, even as I rewrite the climax. I added another 2K
yesterday, in a scene where the Grammarian confronts the mystery
villain who's been pulling strings the Grammarian didn't even know
were there. This is in resppbse to a note I left myself in the text as
I wrote it: "insert another scene here where G confronts X, learns the
truth". Maybe you write the same way?

I'm trying to avoid an infodump with a traditional villain monologue,
and I think it's going pretty well.

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