Search term optimization for S.O.B.s

It was brought to my attention this morning that if you search Google for "son of a bitch", this blog comes up as entries #8 and #11.

Like my old high school guidance counselor said just before I killed him, "Determine what you do well and work to become the best at it." With a little effort, I'm sure I could claim all ten slots on the Google top ten list for this search term.

*snif* He'd be so proud (if he were still alive).

My thanks to Peggy McFarland for letting me know!

UPDATE: Alas, I appear to be a victim of Google search term personalization. When I logged out of Google and searched anonymously, the search term "son of a bitch" had no results that led to this blog, not in the first three pages of results, anyway. For whatever reason, Peggy must have fallen victim to the same algorithm customization.

So, call off the press conference. I'm not famous for anything, not even for the term "son of a bitch".

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  1. Ha! That's funny.
    For further optimizing, you should consider adding a video of the character Sawyer from "Lost" saying "son of a bitch" from throughout the series.
    A friend of mine suggested a different series for me to watch where Josh Holloway guest appeared. He said that line there as well, too funny :)

  2. You're the most famous S.O.B. I know!


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