One day giveaway: some great anthologies

Today only, a couple of great anthologies from eMergent Publishing are at literally giveaway prices: $0.00 and $0.00, respectively. You can read the opening of my story, Dogs of War, right here. You can get the books by clicking on the links below:



Each anthology is a collection of interwoven short stories by emerging writers handpicked from across the English-speaking world. Unlike other anthologies, Chinese Whisperings is created in a sequential fashion and each story stands on its own merits while contributing to a larger, connected narrative.

The Red Book, the first of the anthologies has each successive writer taking a minor character from the preceding story and telling their story as the major character in the next story. Each writer also references events from the preceding story to tie the ten stories together. The anthology can be re forward, or backward, or begun in any place because of its circular nature.

Mercurial Jodi Cleghorn (Ed)
Kraepelin’s Child Annie Evett
Discovery Paul Servini
Innocence Tina Hunter
Not Myself Dale Challener Roe
Not My Name Jasmine Gallant
Out Of The Darkness Rob Diaz II
Heartache Emma Newman
One in the Chamber Paul Anderson (Ed)

The Yin and Yang Book takes the concept a step further, with the anthology played across parallel airport universes stemming from a decision to retrieve a stolen painting or to leave without it. It's a sliding doors/spider web hybrid. Readers will see common characters slipping across the two universes, some of them behaving in slightly different ways. The parallel universes are anchored between a common prologue and epilogue.

Prologue Jodi Cleghorn (ed)
Three Monkeys Paul Servini
Three Rings Chris Chartrand
Dogs of War Tony Noland
This Be the Verse Dan Powell
Providence Dale Challener Roe
No Passengers Allowed J.M. Strother
Thirteen Feathers Rob Diaz II
One Behind the Eye Richard Jay Parker
Chase the Day Jason Coggins
Somewhere to Pray (Kurush)  Benjamin Solah
The Guilty One Emma Newman
Excess Baggage Carrie Clevenger
Where the Heart Is Tina Hunter
The Other Side of Limbo Claudia Osmond
Freedom Laura Eno
Cobalt Blue Jasmine Gallant
The Strangest Comfort Icy Sedgwick
Lost and Found Jen Brubacher
Kanyasulkam Annie Evett
Double Talk Lily Mulholland
Epilogue  Paul Anderson (Ed)

The edited short stories in these anthologies are 4K - 6K. That's a lot of terrific fiction to make your Kindle happy, all for the price of a free click!

Want to enjoy this great writing by authors you love, but don't have a Kindle? NO PROBLEM! Get one of the free Kindle apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and a host of other devices. Read them at home, in your favorite coffee shop or on the go!

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