Easter on Beta-Cyngi VII

As was true on every United Mining outpost, the egg dying on Holy Saturday evening was more popular than the services on Easter Sunday morning. Not surprising, since the Company paid for beer and sandwiches, while the Evangelical Lutheran Church only had coffee and cookies. And bread and wine, of course, but that didn't really count.

The pastor stood looking at one of the eggs still in progress.

"Not bad, Kenny," said Pastor Mbuti, "not bad. What's that blue-green swirl up at the top?" He peered closer to the pysanki.

"It's a warp field collapsing."

"On top of that cargo ship? Ouch. That's pretty grim for an Easter egg, isn't it?"

"No, because there's a spontaneous resonance field around that single-man probe shuttle out front, see? That orange flaring? That shuttle is going out to jump-start the warp field, open it up so the cargo ship will be able to go through." Kenny took the egg back. "It's supposed to be representative of Jesus intervening to save humanity from death. I'm going to touch it up with some gold foil, make it look more like a halo."

The pastor nodded. "Nice. I can see it now. Pretty accurate, too. Being in a shuttle in the middle of an emergency jump-start would be a bad way to check out."

"Well, you know how it goes. Greater love hath no man than he that lays down his life for his crewmates." The engineer smiled at the modification of scripture.

Mbuti laughed along. "Something like that. Hey, there are some more smoked rabbit sandwiches over at the buffet. Be sure to grab one. See you tomorrow morning?"

"You bet, Pastor."

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