Indicators I stayed young this year

- Won a race to be the first one to touch the car, beating a nine year old girl in a close contest

- When attendees on a conference call suggested that we should advertise an event as being a serious networking opportunity, I said, "Plus, we have to say that there will fun and there will be free beer."

- Got choked up during the Muppet movie, when Walter's brother said, "Believing in other people is easy. Believing in yourself... that's hard. But you have to try, because that's what it means to grow up."

- Was reminded just how much fun sex can be.

- Bit the head off a white chocolate Easter bunny.

- Got dressed up for Halloween.

- Played with fire.

- Started violin lessons, learned the basics, then quit.

This post inspired by John Wiswell's Indicators I Got Old This Year post.

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  1. Under what circumstances did you play with fire, Young Anthony?

    1. Just this past weekend, I built a bonfire in my backyard that pushed flames a good twelve feet up into the air, shimmering around a cable of some sort. The heat was so intense that just the radiant heat was enough to make a cord of oak firewood start to smolder, though it was a good eight feet off to the side. I had to douse the stacked wood with the hose, and spray down the center of the bonfire to cool it back down to manageable levels. Only later did I discover that, due to dry conditions, there was a Hazard - No Burning alert up in my area.

      Fun, fun, fun!

  2. What a coincidence! I dressed up at Halloween, too. I disguised myself as a writer. Even little kids got it.

  3. I hid in the larder from my children to ambush them when they came to steal chocolate. No one came.

  4. The Muppets will do it to you every time. Lovely prompt. : )


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