Most popular SEO keywords

On twitter, I mentioned that "best bikini babe" was high on the list of search terms that bring people to Landless. Full disclosure:

Apparently, based on these search terms and keywords, what also brings people to Landless (in addition to sexy bikini model fun) is some kind of fancy new dance move, self-knowledge psychology personality typing (which is funny, because I'm an INTJ, not an ESFP), science fiction hardware, badly spelled candy, precision medical supplies, bathroom remodeling tips (this one is accurate, at least), my name (??), how to tell if you're gay by the way you look, and novel writing software.

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  1. This was fun to read, Tony. I thought I'd do a similar post but when I went to look at my stats, my search terms were incredibly boring in comparison.

    1. Just because the search terms are conventional, consistent or mainstream ("boring"? No, never, "boring"!), the blog post about them doesn't have to be. Mine are all over the map, so it's easy to poke fun at them. If they were all of a feather, I'd have poked fun at them for representing blogging focus.

      Go ahead and do the post, Rebecca. Read the entrails of the past so you can scry the future!


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