Wednesday #limerick: growl, hype, justify

Every Wednesday, I compose a limerick using the prompt at Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: growl, hype, justify.

I just want to type without hype
But software makes me growl and gripe
As much as I try
to left justify
It's RIGHT, 'cause I screwed up the |pipe|
~~~~~ * * * ~~~~~

There are so many great limericks in my book. The only thing separating you from them? A lousy buck. But maybe you don't like to laugh?

You can read more of my limericks inspired by Three Word Wednesday in my, which is cleverly titled:

Poetry on the Fly: Limericks Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

Only $0.99 - less than a hot dog at the convenience store!

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  1. Hehehe...isn't that such a pain in the butt too!

  2. LOL we've all been there. my favourite thing to do seems to be always accidently hitting something that makes all my work read only oops

  3. Love it. This stuff happens to me all to often. Well said.

  4. Sometimes it is a pain in the rear.

  5. I know what you mean! Formatting the site takes longer than nearly anything else!

  6. Hahahha! Love the way you messed up the type! Beautiful, and a good limerick to boot!


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