What blog statistics tell you

How many people visit this blog? Since I started this as a way to connect with people who might like my writing, how's it going? Is it accomplishing that?

To get a read on how well this blog is doing its job (and therefore how well I'm doing mine), I did a little noodling around in Google Analytics, and here's what I found:

Year Visitors Unique Visitors Page views
2009 3,350 1,628 4,728
2010 13,100 6,737 17,736
2011 12,837 6,550 17,945

There was a viral spike in 2010 associated with my instructive post, "11 Ways You Can Stop Pissing Me Off on Twitter", which skews the data a bit. However, it looks like a decent trend toward growth. People come to see me juggle baby geese, and some of them like it enough to come back for more.


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  1. Good that you're weeding out statistical anomalies. Naturally your first year would pale before the others, though. You found your first big chunk of audience later and have been growing since.

    1. Yeah, if you peel that one amazing post out of the stats, you see a steady, building progression. With it left in, the numbers would almost suggest a leveling off, which, of course, is a MUCH more depressing prospect to contemplate.


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