Wednesday #limerick: control, flesh, razor

Each Wednesday, I compose a limerick based on the words from Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: control, flesh, razor.

"Zip the razor, quick now, 'cross your wrist;
Part the flesh, 'cause you won't be missed..."
That voice in my head,
It still wants me dead,
Seeks control of me, through venom hissed

~~~ * * * ~~~

Are you kidding? You still haven't bought my collection of limericks? Why don't you love life?

You can read more of my limericks inspired by Three Word Wednesday in my, which is cleverly titled:

Poetry on the Fly: Limericks Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

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  1. that is a sad one I hope you ignore that demon voice.

  2. Never listen to that voice... dig deeper.

  3. Ours are along the same lines this week.

  4. well-done...interesting take on a touchy subject.

  5. It is good to hear him at least that shows you are still alive!

  6. OH, we are on the same page. However your poem is much
    more succinct and on target.


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