Quiet Thursdays

Every now and then, I wonder if Thursdays feel neglected here at Landless. Specifically, in the long march between my Wednesday limericks and my FridayFlash stories, do Thursday mornings get lonely? Do they worry that I don't love them as much as I love other mornings?

Monday usually gets something fast, because hey, it's Monday, right? I'm lucky to be awake, let alone clever.

Tuesday sometimes gets some really good stuff, because I've had a chance to think about things on Monday, maybe even write them and get them edited and slotted ahead of time. Those are good days.

Wednesday is a limerick, and, if I'm feeling ambitious, sometimes more than that afterwards.

Thursday afternoon will often see the posting of the FridayFlash, but not always. Sometimes, Thursday gets nothing at all, not even until the wee hours.

Friday often gets no specific post, if I've sent out the FridayFlash on Thursday. In bad weeks, though, when I'm swamped, I might not get the story up until Friday afternoon.

Saturday usually gets nothing, or perhaps a quick blurb. Sometimes, though, I post longer, ruminative, coffee-fueled blog posts, introspective and thoughtful pieces that no one reads because (DUH!) it's Saturday! A more organized blogger would just post a funny cat video on those Saturdays and bank the long piece for a Wednesday.

Sunday? Usually nothing, unless I find myself with some time to kill and a story idea that needs to be written up. This past Sunday, it was "The Gospel According To St. Judas", a nature-vs-nurture story that was, to put it mildly, not well received.

A weekly schedule of blogging and writing. Not the best schedule, perhaps, but there it is.

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