Don't hesitate to be creative

First, a trailer for a science fiction movie coming out later this year:

That's Iron Sky. Now, a few words about creativity.

At some point a few years ago, Johanna Sinisalo came up with the original story. Jarmo Puskala then came up with the concept for the movie based on that story, and Michael Kalesniko wrote the screenplay, mapping out the action, deciding who would say what and in what sequence, in order to bring this story to life on the screen.

All of this lays out a very rational structure, build up over the basic idea:

Nazis. On the moon. With flying saucers.

I can only imagine the conversations that took place within Ms. Sinisalo's circle of colleagues (and perhaps within her own head) when that idea popped up. Or maybe it was brainstormed in one of those California wheatgrass-chianti-and-tofu fueled group writing binges I've heard so much about.

Nazis. On the moon. With flying saucers.

"Sure," someone probably scoffed, "and why not give them some dinosaurs and vampire unicorns, too?"

"Oooh," chimed in someone else, "and have Richard Wagner lead an battalion of of laser-armed ninjas! Riding steampunk tanks! Carrying poisoned sunflowers!"

Now, there's no way of knowing what other surprises this movie might have up its sleeve. What I do know is that this movie has

Nazis. On the moon. With flying saucers.

and that's enough of a creative statement for anybody, isn't it? That's taking the freak flag out past the city limits of Gooneyville and planting it firmly in the weed-grown soil of the unincorporated areas of WhatTheHell? County and saying, "I claim this for my own." This team of writers was able to make this whack, bizarre idea compelling enough to get a studio to sink $XX,000,000 into lots of CGI, B-list actors and what looks like 48,000 gallons of gray paint.

Will this movie be any good? I have no idea. However, if ever there was an argument for just opening the gates of creativity and running through them at full tilt, this is it.

I mean, with the possible exception of this:

Coming soon.

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  1. When my excited boyfriend showed me that trailer, I scoffed. I mean, come on, Nazis in space? But you have a point - it certainly is creative and I know a lot of people who are eagerly awaiting the release. Apparently, people like creative.

  2. This made me laugh, Tony. The number of friends dying to see it (myself included, if I'm being honest) and the amount of plugs I'm reading for it just boggles the mind.

    Very witty write up.

  3. When you look at the technological history as it went down in real life, Nazis on the moon with flying saucers is crazy, but not much more crazy than some of the other stuff that was actually developed.

    I have to admit, though, that what irked me the most about that Abraham Lincoln trailer was that he was writing with a quill. It was the nineteenth century -- he would have been using a steel nib for sure. Sheesh!

  4. Concept seems good, but reviews don't speak good about it!
    Collection found from reddit


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