Wednesday #limerick: detach, jolt, surge

Every Wednesday, I write a limerick inspired by Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: detatch, jolt, surge

From caffeine, I will not detach
Dew, Jolt, Surge... any old batch.
But a triple espresso?
Cardiac arrest-o!
For coffee, no soft drink's a match.


Are you kidding? You still haven't bought my collection of limericks? Why don't you love life?

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Poetry on the Fly: Limericks Inspired by Three Word Wednesday

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  1. I will have a coffee please I.V. Connection if possible.
    Love it!

  2. I don't like those drinks, but I know a lot of people rely on them.

  3. I admit I prefer Coke over coffee.

  4. *chuckle* I think this is the most sideways look at the three words I've seen so far. Very amusing.

  5. Thanks for readying, everyone! As it happens, I don't much like any of those soft drinks. My preferred caffeine delivery system is coffee, and plenty of it.

  6. LOL! Fun limerick! I'd love you to give my weekly Limerick-Offs a try. :)

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and retweeting my latest limerick!


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