Wednesday #limerick: crinkle, demand, navigate

Each Wednesday, I write a limerick to the prompt over at Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: crinkle, demand, navigate

Staggering, too drunk to navigate
I'm caught on these pickets, must abnegate.
This damned little wrinkle
Means no girlfriend to crinkle!
I demand that her fenced yard must have a gate!

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  1. it is not easy
    when you dont have a girlfriend to crinkle
    all because of that wrinkle
    oh well
    it's better than warts

  2. LOL Her fenced yard must have a

  3. too funny that he demanded the gate now gets caught on it.

  4. LOL. But it's her fenced yard to gate or not gate as she wishes.

    Great use of three words. Please read my attempt.

  5. Well you would hop over the fence wouldn't you?

  6. I give you points for rhyming anything with "abnegate."

  7. If we take it that the author had a deeper meaning, I love the analogy of a drunk boyfriend who can't find his gf's "gate" if you know what I mean.


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