Where to get free books for your Kindle

Good news: you've got a new Kindle Touch or a new Kindle Fire!

Bad news: you spent all your money on a Kindle, and now can't afford any books.

Good news: there are lots of places to get free books for your Kindle!

Bad news: It's mostly classics and public domain works, so the Twilight books aren't among them.

Good news: Hang on, that isn't bad news. The Twilight books were terrible.

Bad news: Listen, you sneering snob, lots of people liked the Twilight books. It's not your place to judge. Just give the list of links to the free books for the Kindle, OK?


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  1. Don't forget that your local library might also be associated with an e-library. Just check their website. :)

  2. I often check the IreaderReview site for freebies. Besides eReader coverage and opinion, they repost free eBook links from "Happy Reader Joyce" on the Amazon forums, often with commentary about the book itself so you can decide whether it's something you'll be interested in. I've found several gems in that pile.

    Another goodie I mentioned way back when: the Baen Free Library has a stack of sci-fi titles available, usually "first book in a series." The intro by the "librarian" is long but entertaining.

    BTW, your "freekindlebooks.org" link has spaces in the URL that break the link.

  3. Ganymeder: Good tip, Cathy. Many local libraries have set up an e.book policy.

    FAR: Another good link! The Baen Free Library is an old favorite of mine. And thanks for the tip on mine; I double checked them all & fixed them.


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